Madina Monowara

Creative Statement:

My interactions with media, although not extensive but slowly blooming, are situated around drawing/sketching and painting sometimes. But no matter what form of media my hands itch to touch, my best and most favorite pieces are those that tell a story. Little snippets of someones or somethings lives and putting them together to create something even more fantastical is fascinating. Recently, another form of media that I've been trying my hand at is the creation of websites. Through this class I hope to combine these interests and try my hand at digitalized stroytelling and even more importantly to gain experince with new types of media I haven't interacted with before and see how my likes and dislikes evolve.

Hello There!

Welcome to my landing page! All homeworks and assignments relating to MEDP150: Media & FIlm in A Digital Age Pt.1 can be found here. I hope you like my work and happy viewing!

HW 1: The Creative Statement

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